AMD 9550 & ATI 4850 or AMD 9100e & ATI 4870?

I recently bought an inexpensive Gateway setup and stuck a 550W PSU and ATI Radeon 4870 in it. The Gateway has the newer 9100e (1.8GHz) Quad-core Phenom in it, but I feel like the processor clock speed is limiting me a bit in games. I noticed a comparably priced machine that was running a 9550 Phenom with an ATI 4850 instead. Which combination would give me better performance? Would I be able to upgrade the 9100e later? I was impressed by the processor's smaller chipset size and the fact that it consumes less energy/runs cooler than other Phenoms.

Also, is there ANY way at all to overclock the CPU on a Gateway RS785 mobo? I realize you get what you pay for, but I got a great deal on the system and it suits my needs for the most part, but I wouldn't mind just getting that sucker up to about 2.1 GHz or so, if possible.

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  1. the AMD 9550 is clocked at 2.2ghz and like you said the 9100e is clocked at 1.8ghz

    to answer your question yes the 9550 is the best of the two options. the 9100e is starving the 4870.

    and sorry, overclocking on OEM's is highly unlikely.

    this last piece from

    Conclusion on the AMD X4 9100e

    * Performance at 1.8 GHz is low to begin with, worse when you have to factor in the TLB BIOS patch.
    * The power-efficiency claim is not so compelling and it's a small and questionable victory on energy efficiency.
    * At roughly $200, it is probably not worth the premium for such a low performance buggy processor.
    * Maybe future bug-free B3 variants that have improved process with a more compelling price point will be worthwhile, but I can't recommend this CPU today. You would be better off with any cheaper dual-core from Intel or AMD.
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