How to setup numeric password in Win XP OS?

How I can setup numeric only Win XP login Password on a standalone machine? I tried using Gpedit and Account Policies but no success? I sthere any registry setting that night work?
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  1. Start>Run>Settings>Control Panel>User Accounts

    Click on your account, click on "Create a password" and enter what you want.

    If all numbers are refused,
    Start>Run>Gpedit.msc>Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Account Policies\Password Policy\Password must meet complexity requirements

    Change to "disabled"

  2. Hllo Tigsound,

    Thanks, I need to eleaborate clearly what I missed earlier. I need to force the numeric Passwords only on the machine. No other characters should be allowed. Please advise.

    Thanks again
  3. Now I'm lost... :(

    "Only on the machine" ?? You referenced going into the registry or Group Policy Editor, so I assumed it was the Windows logon password you want to be numbers only and my instructions will do that.

    If the Group policy is setup to require password complexity, then a set of rules for what the password consist of is required. If that policy is disabled a password can be as loose as just the number 2 or a single letter, whatever you want.

  4. I have a machine that is not connected to Network or any domain controller.
    I need to enfore that any user creating aWin account shoud use only Numerics digits as Password on the machine. I checked Strong Password Policy but we can set enable/disable using "AlphanumPwds" as 0 or 1. To ensure that user must not be able to enter Alphabets characters, how can we enforce? User should be able to enter Numerics only as Password. It could be min 8 and max. 15 digits.
  5. Not know to be possible.

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