How do you get the data from hard drive ??

Hi guys,

good day to you

I am sorry If I have uploaded to wrong section...

I need help with hard drive.

my old PC died, and its too old that im better off getting new PC than fixing this one.

but I have some valuable stuff in my hard drive, such as my graduation pix, some software, etc

How do I take those out??

you help is appreciated

Thank you
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  1. Get an external case for the HDD make the required connections and plug it into the USB of the new computer and take whatever you need from it.

    Another option
    Get a new computer and put this HDD in it as a slave.
    Get all the data from it and then scrap it or ... whatever.
  2. Hi Alyoshka//

    Thanks for reply,

    I already got a new pc for myself.

    Since I am noob, it really sounds so difficult,

    is there any website that has guides for this?
  3. I really wouldn't know. But tell me are you willing to buy the external case, if you are I can direct you to the sites that sell them and the rest is like sticking a pen drive into the usb port.
    You might find a DIY on how to build a computer and that might solve the problem if you want to put the old HDD into the new PC for a data backup/recovery/salvage
  4. Get an external hard drive, save everything you need/want from your old system onto it with easy to remember filenames, I.E. Rescue1, Rescue2 etc, then once your new systems up and running connect the external drive to it, transfer your Rescue files to the new hard drive in your documents then you can remove the external drive and sort files as you wish, hope this helps :)
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