Install XP to USB (not running it off USB)

Recently my laptop was infected by a virus that wiped my files and did not allow the system to boot up (Nothing I care too much about was on it so don't need to recover anything). I have a USB HDD enclosure that fits the laptop HDD and used my desktop to format it so I can start over.
However the CD drive on the laptop no longer works, and all my attempts to install XP via USB stick have failed using various guides.
I know you cannot run XP from a USB stick, but can I install it to the laptop hard drive via my desktop and the external HDD enclosure? If so could someone explain how to do this.
Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give
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  1. try network boot... hmm sorry i don`t have experience just wanted to give you idea ( you CAN boot from external USB..) lets say norton ghost?
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