Is this a tri-fire compatible mobo?

im looking to build a new rig using XFX radeons since XFX is the second best gpu maker around imo, but im still a little confused on the mobo part for xfire. i know i at least want a p43/p45 mobo for xfire and i have found 2 that im trying to decide between now if the one with 3 pci-e slots will support tri-fire then ill go for that one, btw the 3 pci-e slot is the more expensive one.

2 pci-e slots

3 pci-e slots (will it run tri-fire?)

i hope the second mobo will do do tri-fire because the rig im building i would like it to last and 3x 4870 i know will play games for the next few years.
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  1. um, no i dont think so. the last pci-e slot is wired 4x electrically, so only dual crossfire. if it did, the card would be pretty handicapped (especially a 4870!)
  2. ok thanks guys, i thought it was a little weird. i didnt know what 4x electrical meant.
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