Possible Dead Pixels on LCD

Hey all..

I have a 25 inch LCD Monitor that i just got ..In the middle of my screen their are two grey pixels next to each other..Different shades, one darker and one lighter.. I have tried everything from massaging the screen area to dead pixel apps and it makes no difference.

My question is as long as these 2 stay grey Im just going to keep the monitor as it is quite a bit of hassle to get all my cable routing undone.

If they are going to turn black down the line then Ill just return it..

What Im looking for now is whats the general feeling..They dont look like dead pixels but I dont want to 2 black pixels in the middle of my screen 6 months from now.
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  1. For the most part manufactures will not replace an LCD panel/screen if there are only a couple of dead/frozen pixels especially if they are more towards the edges if however they are in or around the centre then you may be able to argue that they are a distraction as you cannot ignore them because of their position, If I were in your shoes I would try for a replacement under warranty.
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