Bluescreen on Win XP Install on RAID 0

Hello everyone,

I'm currently having my first experiences with RAID setups and slipstreaming installations so please don't berate me too much! The information I used to get to this point was a mesh of whatever I could find on Google...

Relevant hardware:
ASRock X58 Extreme Motherboard (supports onboard RAID)
Core i7 920 processor
No floppy drive
2x Mushkin Callisto 60GB SSDs

I recently purchased 2 Mushkin Callisto 60GB SSDs and I want to run them in RAID 0 as my operating system drive. I set up Intel Matrix Storage, created a RAID 0 with 128kb stripe size and installed Windows 7 without issue, only to find out that the license I purchased through Digital River is an upgrade-only key, so I am supposing that I need to reinstall Windows XP on my RAID setup before I can upgrade it to Windows 7 (even though it is actually a format and reinstall I think, I guess it grabs the key from XP beforehand).

But from what I understand, the Intel Matrix Storage drivers are included in Windows 7 which made for smooth sailing during that first installation. Now that I want to install with Windows XP, I need to include RAID drivers (either through floppy drive or slipstreaming).

Because I wanted to get experience slipstreaming, I also decided to upgrade my service pack 1 CD to a service pack 3 CD (I was also slightly worried that the RAID drivers wouldn't be supported in Service Pack 1)

What I did was take my Windows Service Pack 1 CD and copy its contents to C:\XPServicePack1. Then I downloaded Service Pack 3 from Microsoft, renamed it to XPServicePack3.exe and combined it with C:\XPServicePack1 using the following line in command prompt:

xpsp3 -XPServicePack3.exe /integrate:C:\XPServicePack1

The operation was reported as successful. I renamed the folder C:\XPServicePack1 to C:\XPServicePack3 to reflect this. I then downloaded these Intel Matrix Storage drivers from Intel's driver page:

And extracted the 32bit drivers (My Windows XP is 32 bit) to C:\XPServicePack3\$OEM$\$1\drivers\RAID. Then I used nLite to create an .iso of the whole folder (I didn't choose any additional options) and burned the .iso to a CD using CDBurnerXP. I try to install Windows XP using this new disc and I'm still getting a bluescreen with STOP: 0x0000007B right as it says that "Setup is starting Windows" or something similar.

Let me know if I screwed up in a big way somewhere :)

Would it be easiest just to grab a floppy drive and load the drivers that way? Should I restart the process and use nLite all the way? Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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  1. I got my problem sorted out! What I did was start over with the Service Pack 1 files and didn't perform a Service Pack 3 upgrade (though I doubt that caused a problem), then I used nLite to slipstream the drivers via the .inf file (rather than placing the files into the $OEM$\$1\drivers\RAID folder) and chose textmode ICH8/ICH9 RAID Drivers (rather than the PnP drivers which I guess loads everything rather than a specific driver).

    Thanks for checking out my post though!
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