HD4870 bottleneck problem

Hi guys,

first of all happy new year 2009 to you all :)

Here's the specifications of my pc I'm currently using.. some components are way older but had to keep them you know...

CPU - Pentium 4 3.0Ghz Cedar Mill
VGA - Sapphire HD 4870 512Mb
Ram - Kingston 1Gb DDR2 667Mhz x 2
Mobo - Intel DG965WH
PSU - Zalman ZM750-HP 750w

I had to play games at 1024*768 resolution because of the 15" monitor I'm having. Currently playing prince of persia 2008,farcry 2 and nfs undercover. I noticed even that at this resolution when I set the graphics settings to max, some places in the game it runs well but sometimes it gives me performance issues.

now this is weird, I also tested the prince of persia 2008 and nfs undercover with max settings at 1440*900 but had the same issues with the performance. I mean I feel that the game performance is same at both resolutions.

I suspect that this is a bottleneck for the GPU so I've searched a bit on the net regarding this problem and there some people says that to avoid a bottleneck you must have atleast q6600 (stock clock is ok) or C2D higher processors. I don't know about my mobo and ram but hope they are ok for this GPU..

what do you guys think about this issue ? this mobo DG965WH has no OC facilities and the best processor it can handle is the q6600 ( fits to my budget also ). I'll think of buying the q6600 but please I need to make sure whether I'll be able to play games at 1024*768 and 1440*900 with max settings after buying q6600.

I found this thread also
http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/255837-33-hd4870-512mb-problem and the output from the unigine is shown below.

Please let me know your opinions about this issue. thanks and sorry for the long description..
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  1. CPU - Pentium 4 3.0Ghz Cedar Mill = your problem.

    Single Core CPU even though it has HT, its def the bottleneck...
  2. ^+1
    Also running Vista with only 2gb of RAM is a problem
  3. Here's the list of CPUs that are supported by your motherboard: http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?Boardname=DG965WH

    For gaming, the E6700 probably is a good choice, assuming that you can find one. Unfortunately that motherboard can't be overclocked.
  4. Apart from the processor you`ve got a good gaming system;)

    Go for the processor upgrade, but check here to ensure it`s comatable.

  5. OK, I need to type faster:(
  6. I would go with the E6700 also.

    But I suggest you to just save up for a new mobo, CPU and RAM all at a time.
  7. I think you should get a E8400 core 2 duo it is awesome value for money.

    And another thing you have your AA set at 16x in that screen shot, that is usually very tough on a graphics card set it down to 4x and see if it helps XD
  8. mehcrim, I provided a link to all compatible Core 2 CPUs for that motherboard (http://processormatch.intel.com/Co [...] me=DG965WH ), but unfortunately the E8400 isn't on that list. He'd have to buy a new motherboard along with an E8400 (which is what I'd do).
  9. The guy just doesn't pay attention to other posts, Ghislaing :).

    PS: Mehcrim, Anisotropy isn't Anti Aliasing.. 16x is fine for Anisotropy.
  10. thanks for the replies guys :) anyway would you think that I can get away with good performance in games if I use q6600 and also avoid bottlenecking the HD4870 .because this board doesn't support e8400 the best option for me is q6600 ( I couldn't buy both the mobo and cpu so I'm hoping to get a q6600 for now and later I'll OC it with a new motherboard ) .
  11. ausch30, I'll try going back to windows xp sp2 and see if that helps also . I thought may be the dx10 can help a bit on the gaming so that's why I'm still using vista :)..
  12. Nah, 2gb + vista = a big problem.

    Vista uses 1GB itself, which means you'll have 1GB of RAM left for other tasks.

    Q6600 pretty much sucks for gaming. E8400 is THE gaming processor.

    Once again, I suggest you the save up for a mobo + new processor + new RAM all at one time, just to get the best out of it, instead of buying weaker components all apart.
  13. nadunx said:
    ausch30, I'll try going back to windows xp sp2 and see if that helps also . I thought may be the dx10 can help a bit on the gaming so that's why I'm still using vista :)..

    DX10 makes your system work harder and will amplify any weaknesses.
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