Need replacement mobo for p5n-d (750i)

Hey, i'm new to these forums so i hope to settle in well. I'm also a first time builder... sooo.... ya. K so this is my problem, i recently completed my first build ever: These are the specs:

Motherboard: Asus p5n-d (750i) SLI
CPU: Intel q6600 with xigmatek s1283 (not lapped)
Memory: 4gb (2x2gb) Crucial ballistix pc2-6400 800mhz
GPU: XFX GTX 260 core 216 black edition
Power Supply: OCZ ModXtreme 700w modular
HDD: 500gb seagate
Case: Coolermaster CM 690 normal version with 4 1200rpm fans
+ sum random $h!ty IDE dvd RW thing

K, so this is the problem. I brought the q6600 looking for a good overclock and i also brought that xiggy 2 with sum mx-2 TIM. I got the temps down to 20 degrees C on stock speed idle. Which is super kickass. But, me being stupid 1st time builder, brought one helluva horrible mobo. I want to overclock my q6600 to atleast 3.2 and preferably 3.6ghz. But this hunk-a-junk hardly does 3ghz. So I'm buying a new mobo. So i want suggestions. Anything under 200$ thatll overclock well. Also it does not have to be an sli board coz i do not plan to go sli with gtx 260 on 700w but it still can. So i've been looking at the intel p45 series and the evga 750i >FTW< edition. So i want you to recomment me a good board. Also, if its an intel based chipset, preferably no crossfire support coz it sorta screws up the video card(i think :() so ya. Under 200$ us
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  1. Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R.
  2. I have a P5N-D and a P5Q SE PLUS and both can run my e8400 at 4.0 GHz at either 9 X 444 fsb or 8 X 500 fsb. with both at 1.365 vcore. I prefer the 8 X 500 since I can get higher 3DMark scores that way. There are youtube videos that shows you the BIOS settings to overclock on that board which IMO is very capable although I admit there are better motherboards for overclocking.

    I I were to replace my P5N-D I would get the Asus Striker II for SLI just for the native 1600 FSB. For a single GPU solution with OC in mind, I 'd get the P5Q3 or P5QC. Stick with Asus. I've had ECS, Biostar, ECS, and even Intel boards, and I've had the most success with overclocking on the Asus brand.
  3. You can use Nvidia or ATI on any motherboard. You can use Nvidia on a Crossfire motherboard. It won't make any difference.
    I would go with Asus or Gigabyte.
    20ºC is a very low temperature. You room has to be very cold to get that.
    I recommend using RealTemp for temperatures.
  4. The temp in my room ranges from 20 to 25 degrees C coz of my heater that turns on and off (i live in Canada BTW, it's cold). I've been looking at the asus p5q-e. Seems awesome. I've also heard good stuff about the biostar Tpower I45. Says it overclocks extremely well... but ... biostar... come on.
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