Fried my Graphics Card??

So i am putting in a geforce 9800 gtx. and i had a 500W PSU and it requires a 600. So i decided to take the cheap way out and just buy a VGA booster. So i installed the booster and got everything ready. I went to start it up and all i heard was a loud POP. I noticed that i hadnt put the ground from the booster properly on. So no i get no display from the card, which was previously working and instead of having green lights on the board i now get red assuming that is it i right? and is this VGA booster goin to be enough power for it?? Dying for info!!!!


System is
Intel Duo P4 3.0
500 GB Seagate HD
Geforce 9800 GTX+ graphics card.... well was?!!?
500 W PSU now with VGA booster....
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  1. You've got a couple of problems -

    If your processor is what I think it is, that being a Pentium D, why are you putting in a 9800GTX? That CPU is fairly weak for such a strong GPU, and I think if your GTX hadn't blown, you'd have been disappointed with your performance.

    I've no idea what a "VGA booster" is, what it does, how it works, or where you got one. Is it some sort of secondary power supply or a power supply addon? Link to the one you bought?

    I'm going to take a guess that this VGA booster is some sort of cheap chinese part that advertises to give you more power for something, and I'm going to take a second guess that it was cheap enough to explode on you the first time it was used (not connecting a ground is no reason to explode). I'm also going to guess it surged your card if it was directly connected to it, and then arced and fried your motherboard. If it was connected to your power supply directly...well, same thing.

    EDIT: Okay, found out what the VGA booster is. And it still sounds like it was cheap and exploded. Link to it anyway?
  2. er afaik vga boosters are surge protectors for graphics cards. If that happened to me i'd chuck the bloody thing in the bin!
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