Will pci-e x1/4/8 work in a pci-e x16 lane?

I want to buy this motherboard http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/PID-MX22683(ME).aspx but it only has 1 pci-e x1 port which would be covered by my graphics cards huge heatsink, so is it possible to use the other 2 lanes at the same time, both with pci-e x1 / x4 components ?
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  1. I asked almost the same question but I asked if someone has this board and is there enough clearance for a sound card in the PCIe x1 slot. My Sapphire 4890 is huge! I was curious why the x1 slot is sandwiched between the PCIE x16 slots which is weird when the board is marketed as SLI/Crossfire board. <shrugging>

    BTW, the site you plan to buy the motherboard is on, is cheaper on newegg. Here's the link:
  2. Ok thanks. also that link is for america, I'm in canada and the newegg.ca site of the same motherboard is $20 more + Shipping. heh.
  3. Oh! That would explain why I thought it was so expensive on the link you provided. ;-)
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