Intel x25-m - it was all so clear.....

Been eyeing this for a while... waited out the G1->G2 revision issues... waited a few more months for newegg's price to come back down after they got the G2s in stock... waited, waited, waited some more due to busy-ness, distraction, and general meandering procrastination...

I was actually ready to go for the ~$420 160GB OEM version!

Then this (price dropped on 80GB version by about $15-25.)

...which led to more indecision delay, as I pondered the merits of striping two 80GBs, and the additional power/controller slot/physical bay vs more-expensive single drive... (I am planning to make the SSD upgrade on at least two systems, so the potential savings do become slightly significant.)

And then this (160GB OEM version I was going to buy is now out of stock!)

Now I'm just WTFing. :pt1cable:

But I didn't just come here to post questionably amusing anecdotes... I'll take advantage of this additional delay to ask a real question:

is the only functional difference between the different models -- i.e. G2XXX (now out of stock) vs. G2R5 the fact that G2R5 is the retail kit, or is there some real hardware/software difference? (Or if some other difference, plz elaborate...)

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  1. It is the hardware (adapter) and software that makes the difference. It is kind of like the OEM version of Windows 7 versus the Full Retail version of Windows 7
  2. TY.

    btw found the deal I was really looking for, here:

    Supposed to arrive tomorrow.
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