Zalman 10X Performa really good?

I made my mind and decided on the 212+ to save money, then I would get the Tuniq Tower 120 EXT. if I had a few extra bucks.
But then I was looking through reviews of both of them I found the Zalman CNPS10X Perfroma.
According to couple of reviews it actually beat many others including both the 212 and tower.
I just haven't heard anyone recommend it to me, so I was wondering if it truly is as good as they say.

I want to OC my upcoming 1090 and I want something really good. I just didn't want to spend 60-80 bucks on one if it wasn't entirely neccessary, but don't mind if it improves the performance. greatly.

I've been told that the 212 is just as good as any and that the Tower is one of the best out.
So what do you think I should get?? I am still debating on what mobo to put it on but its probably going to be a gigabyte.
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  1. Here is a reliable review:

    It beats the Hyper 212+.
  2. I always remember you cause of that cat lol. Yeah I cam across that list a week ago and thats one of the reason I wanted the Tuniq tower plus frozen cpu did some article saying that the tuniq tower was #1 for intel and #5 for amd.

    I want to know which of the top heatsinks are the coldest. Is the Tuniq Tower one of the coldest??
  3. Personally, I tend to go by the Intel test due to the fact that it uses a 150W heat load where as the AMD test uses 125W heat load.
  4. the thing is with some of these they are using stock fans and several of them can support 2 fans.
    So with the right fans the 212+ would end up performing great.

    I think I will just stick with the Tuniq Tower 120 extreme, it has got top reviews from several sites. Plus the one you just gave has it as the best!!
    Not to mention how cool it looks, plus its to as tall as others, so in my CM 692 Ad. I would have plenty of rooms for fans, but that won't matter when I
    get the optional panel.
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