Diamond Radeon Hd 4870 x2 ocing

Hi I was wondering what the usual stable oc on a hd 4870 x2 was and the core voltage. As well as what is the max I should do with out hurting my card. Any advice would be appreciated!

Using MSI Afterburner to oc

my psu supply is 1000wats

atm im using stock 800mhz core 975mhz mem
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  1. Any one got ideas? ==
  2. so no one knows......?
  3. Sorry about the wait...

    temps on that card can get a little high so id suggest a modest 875mhz core and a 1000mhz mem.

    Safe temps are around 80'C but don't let it get above 100'C

    Tops for that card would be about 1000MHZ & 1100MHZ (Water cooling would be required) Dont try pushing it over 875 with stock cooling

    Check out this link


    Good Luck:D

    Edit = I have no idea what the core voltage would be... not all cards are created equal, some need a little more juice to get themselves stable
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