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I'm looking for a monitor that I can use for my PC but would also like to play xbox 360 games on it.

what i'm confused about is which port should i be looking for in a monitor (component? HDMI?" and how do I get sound.

For example, the following samsung monitor has an hdmi input, but it has no speakers so how do I set things up to play my console games on it with sound?
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  1. look at the new asus monitors.....that come in 1080p flavor. they have an hdmi port.
  2. what if I want to use 2.1 sound?
  3. i would recommend against that monitor. i have the T240 and it stretches the 16:9 image to 16:10 so it doesn't look as good as it can. but for the issue of audio, you can connect your xbox through HDMI, and then the monitor has either an optical or 3.5mm audio output so you can connect some sort of speaker system.
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