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HIGH VCORE 4 Volt in BIOS!!!! Striker Extreme with q6600

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April 17, 2009 12:31:25 PM

Hi there!

I have a little problem...

Recently my system hangs while playing games en with big loads. Then I have checked the system and the CPU Fan didn't cycle very hard. So I dismantled the Thermalright cooler en fixed it. It rans like a charme!
I also checked the bios settings and guess what...the VCORE Voltage is very very high! 4 volts! and also the V 3.3+ the V 5+ and the V12+ are too high?! each + 3 or 4 volts too high!
What can I do? Is this a motherboard malfunction? The CPU temperature is 60 C degrees when I do nothing. I also checked the GPU temperature and it's up to 60 C degrees as well.
So does anyone knows what the problem is?

Thanks for helping!



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a b V Motherboard
April 17, 2009 1:14:57 PM

What motherboard/cpu/gpu do you have? Vcore of 4 volts? Not possible. 60C at idle is also too high. Did you try reading temps and voltages in windows? Use CoreTemp/RealTemp/Speedfan for that.
a b V Motherboard
April 17, 2009 1:16:13 PM

Lolz, missed the thread title ;] Forget the first question
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April 17, 2009 5:47:23 PM

I have test it with Realtemp and Speedfan. At this very moment of testing my pc it runs 4 hours straight and have no hangups.

In Speedfan it's says :

GPU: 66C
Internal TEMP: 40C
VCore1: 4,08V
VCore2: 4,08V
+3,3V: 4,08V
+5V: 6,85V
+12V: 16,32V

In realtemp it's says:

GPU: 66C
Load 1,5%
Temperature C:
54 52 46 47

Is this very wrong? Is my motherboard broken? It's strange because my system is still functional and runs good at this moment. Only with very high loads it will hang.

June 12, 2009 5:22:10 PM

I have a ASUS P5N32-E SLI + mobo doing the same thing.

Running a Core 2 DUO 6750

Vcore = 4.16 (impossible)
3.3v = 4.08
5.0v = 6.85
12v = 16.32

CPU = 128* C (also impossible)
M/B = 128* C

Machine runs fine

Sent to ASUS for repair in January

OK until now

Any thoughts out there?
February 26, 2013 12:31:36 AM

I have the ASUS P5N32-E SLI with the Q6600. I upgraded my computer and gave this one to my dad. I also put in an old nvidia card from moms computer for the time being. Today i upgraded to a ati 5450, he does not play games. anyway I got a hardware warning. The strange thing is I got exact same values
Vcore = 4.16
3.3v = 4.08
5.0v = 6.85
12v = 16.32

CPU = 128* C
M/B = 128* C

I tested the supply with a multimeter and voltages were fine there. I reset the cmos, i unplugged everything not needed and put back the old video card with out any change. I set the values to ignore so I dont get the prompt. I put back the new video card, unplugged the cpu power connectors from mobo, unplugged the 24pin power connector, put them back in, and i jiggled the head sink, the chipset, i pushed in the cmos chip, jiggled all the capacitors and relays, I tried to get all the squared things. I think i remember once associating those with having something to do with the current control. anywho i touched and jiggled anything i could see lol. turned on, it said cmos values unreadable load defaults. I guess something reset the cmos, anyway i went over to hardware management and the values were once again correct and cpu temp detecting properly. Not sure what did it but the problem is solved for now.

I was worried that this error will deter my dad from switching over to a new computer with a new windows os. anyway hope this helps someone.

Oh ya dont make fun of me but jiggling stuff on mobo is a technical term. its the evolution of kicking the computer violently from back in the P75-133MHz days. :pt1cable:  Now I just have to fix three of these bsy error seagate hard drives. Just waiting on my cable.