Virus cant recognize usb

Hello, I have a Lenovo 4666 G530 with 25U that has been downgraded from vista to windows. It got a serious trojan infection and we had to sysrestore. We found the drivers on the Lenovo site, but we can't install them. It just hangs mid-install. It won't recognize the USBS - any of them for both powered and devices that pull their power from the comp. Any one have any ideas?? I've installed the current chipset. The pad for nav also does not work. Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. First, make sure the system is clean. Just doing a system restore doesn't wipe out viruses. Run through the malware guide in my signature.

    Once done with that, go into the device manager, right click, and uninstall all of the USB root hubs. They will reinstall on restart, and look for attached hardware.
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