WHy nothing will show my temps?

I have tryed core temp, even the amd overdrive utility and cant get accurate core temps, core temp shows -0c and amd overdrive showing me -257c on all cores. anyone help me out with this so i can get some accurate core temps. maybe i changed something didnt know it ect.
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  1. Well, have you unlocked any cores? If you have, it messes up the CPU temperature monitor. Otherwise, I'd try using RealTemp, HW Monitor or SpeedFan.
  2. Did it ever work at all? As Lmeow stated, have you unlocked any cores (in other words, do you have an X2 or X3 chip)?

    What are your system specs (motherboard, CPU, etc)?
  3. yeah, I unlocked my x3 435 and my temps are -259', try D/L'ing speedfan :P
  4. @daihok, it sound like you unlocked some cores that were locked. What CPU do you have (an x2 or x3)?

    When you unlock any locked cores, you will no longer be able to get core CPU temps and will have to go by the generic CPU temperature, which is usually reported higher than the core CPU.

    For example, with my CPU set back to an X3 (it's a Phenom II X3 720 BE), my core CPU temps at idle are around 27°-29°C and around 45°C full load. The generic CPU temps were always 10°-15° higher than the core.

    Once I unlocked the core and overclocked the CPU, my generic CPU temps are around 35°C idle and around 65°C full load, even under Prime95 testing, which means I'm sitting around 30°C idle and around 50°C full load.
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