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hey dudes it was about time that i changed my graphics card. At the moment i have a ATI Radeon X300SE 128mb. Yes i know that a real old card and i need a new one i needed some suggestions, my price range would be around $150. My omputer has PCIe slots

I have 2gbs DDR ram.

i just need some advice on what i have to look for and what my computer needs to have so i can run a card.

I have an Intel Pentium 4 550 processor and my motheroard is a AsusTek i915p/i195g.

If there is anything else i have to post please tell me thanks
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  2. how powerful is your PSU?
    anyway, any decent $150 card out there will be much too powerful and will be bottlenecked with a pentium 4.
    get something cheaper like a ati 4670 because you won't notice the difference in performance from a more expensive card
  3. i was looking at the 9500gt 512mb or 1gb model i dont really know if there is a difference with them and also i heard the 9500gt is not very great is this true or will it be a good graphics card to go with.

    Also looking at the 9600gt 512mb model and how do i know what PSU i have

    any help
  4. AC input voltage (47-63Hz):
    DC output wattage: 300 Watts

    that is my PSU do you think it can take an ATI 4670 or a 9500gt
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  6. geez no help here?
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