Performance of ssd.d in long time

i want buy a ssd and i hear that ssd.s in long time have decrease in performance
in vertex 2 or vertex le or intel x25m 80 g2 how much we have decrease in performance?
its possible that we install both windows xp and 7 in a ssd and enable trim?
very very gratful
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  1. I believe that Tom's has a few articles on this matter, so check out the articles link above and look through a few hard drive write ups. I believe that there is a slight decrease in performance (the numbers I saw were for Intel's X25E models), but not enough to shy away from purchasing an SSD.
  2. Please, limit your question to one topic; two topics which appear to be exactly the same won't help you get the answer any quicker. Copy-paste:

    Performance degradation will happen when the SSD does not have enough free blocks available. That can mean because you have been using the SSD without TRIM capability, or that you have all space used up in a partition, without reserving any additional spare space.

    XP also does not have TRIM, and installing XP to SSD will cause a misalignment issue. I stay stay away from XP; never install XP to the SSD. Windows 7 is good though; and only windows 7 supports TRIM.

    performance degradation can lower the performance of an SSD by a factor up to 10. It also reduces the lifetime of the SSD.
  3. My experience with XP and my Samsung 64GB SLC SSD over a years use says you're wrong, at least about my machine. I expected the same, as that's what I've read but my boot time has gone up exactly 3 seconds over all that time, and it was down at 25 seconds after installing the SSD which was way less than half the time my 7200rpm spinner did. Don't some drives have their own built in firmware TRIM or something by now? I'm shopping again and though the Samsung is great, trying to use SecureErase is impossible in my experience and I do want to be able to 'empty' pages as I use the drive. I think it's either OCZ or Intel if I want to stay SLC but anyone have any other advice?
  4. Ya but be sure to get 3rd generation SSD with Sandforce SF 1200 controller like [...] 6820231362 [...] 6820226136 [...] 6820227528

    These drives all have the SF 1200 controller and have built-in Trim and wear leveling. This means, I believe, that they can be used in a raid array(which Win 7 doesn't support) and they do their own Trim. Apparently the OCZ Vertex 2 has the best firmware because of an inside deal with Sandforce [...] 6820227526

    This OCZ Vertex LE has the SF1500 which is supposedly an even better controller and comes with 28% over-provisioning (which maintains the life of the SSD) and is designed for enterprise systems. It shows very well against It's more expensive brother as can be seen in this review
  5. The problem with most SSDs running in raid is they cannot receive Trim commands from Win 7. However SSDs with Sandforce SF 1200 and SF1500 controller have built-in Trim and wear leveling so shouldn't be a problem for them. This one from OWC has a version designed for raid. The review from TweakTown explains it in further detail. [...] id_Edition [...] index.html
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