How much memory will XP Pro-32bit support

As some of you know, I have another thread about building a recording computer. Anyways, I was just informed that there's a chance that XP 32bit won't utilize 4gb or better of RAM.

Is this true? Any ways to get around this?

BTW: I must use XP-pro 32bit because that's the only OS my recording program can use. I've tried Vista and no luck.
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  1. Sorry, 4GB is your MAX option and I've never heard of any way around it.
    Talk to the software vendor to see if they will be making a new version for vista 64-bit OR Windows 7 64bit
  2. the only way to increase the amount of memory would to be, sadley, use hard drive virtual memory. extremely slow, but works none the less
  3. Yup 4 G is the limit, and that includes video card memory. Time for a new recording program.
  4. What are you doing that needs more than 4gb of memory?
    For most XP applications, 4 gig is tons of plenty enough.
  5. 3.5GB (I know from personal experience.) 64 bit XP Pro will do 128GB of RAM.
  6. ^Correct. Like said above 3.5GB limitation is there for XP 32 bit.
  7. (Thanks to Scotteq for saving this answer on a file so others can post it when this qustion is asked at least once a week. To the mods: can we have a sticky about this using Scotteq's file as the main post?)

    In 32 bit Windows operating systems, the total addressable space available is 4GB. If you installed total 4GB memory, the system will detect less than 4GB of total memory because of address space allocation for other critical functions, such as:

    - System BIOS (including motherboard, add-on cards, etc..)
    - Motherboards resources
    - Memory mapped I/O
    - Configuration for AGP/PCI-Ex/PCI
    - Other memory allocations for PCI devices

    Different onboard devices and different add-on cards (devices) will result of different total memory size. e.g. more PCI cards installed will require more memory resources, resulting of less memory free for other uses.

    This limitation applies to most chipsets & Windows XP/Vista 32-bit version operating systems.

    If you install a Windows operating system, if more than 3GB memory is required for your system, then the below conditions should be met:

    1. The memory controller which supports memory swap functionality is used. The latest chipsets like Intel 975X, 955X, Nvidia NF4 SLI Intel Edition, Nvidia NF4 SLI X16, AMD K8 and newer architectures can support the memory swap function.

    2. Windows XP Pro X64 Ed. (64-bit), Windows Vista 64, or other OS which can address more than 4GB memory.
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