Computer wont recognize 1tb drive


I have a new Hitachi 1tb and the BIOS won't recognize it on either SATA connection.

This is true whether any other drive is connected or not. I've used more than one SATA cable to no avail.

I've tried this with two different Hitachi 1tb drives and get the same results.

I have a 750gb SATA Seagate that I've been using as a slave for a few years.

The MB is a V600DAP with two SATA connectors.

Is it possible that 1tb is too big but 750gb is not?
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  1. The size is not the problem. Is the board an older SATA 150 controller and you are plugging in a SATA 300 drive. Look to see if the drive has a jumper you can set that makes it SATA 150 compatible.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I don't remember seeing it but it's plain that you made the response the same day I posted it.

    What I did was take another MB that I had, bought a used Core2 Duo (and was given the DDR2 that I needed for it, bought a video card and have used it with Win7 for the eight months since. However, I've gotten memory errors on a regular basis and memory tests show no problems with the memory so I'm looking to get a new MB and new processor.

    I multitask ferociously but don't game. Any suggestions? I wouldn't pay $300 for a processor unless it blew everything else out of the water. For incremental improvements, I'd rather go down "incrementally" to a processor under $200 (I'd really like to pay $100 and upgrade in three years). I do want USB3 and minimum of four cores and the fastest FSB without spending too much.
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