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Ok people.. I've been messing around with the i7 overclock settings.. and I'm wondering what the pros/cons would be in using HT or Turbo, or even both??? So.. I've been running a 3.8ghz OC with HT on and Turbo off, and everythings things has been flying along. Temps at about 40C on idle, 70C max load. I changed it up a little today and I'm running 3.8ghz with HT off, Turbo on, and an effective clock of about 4.0ghz. Temps are apparently the same at idle, 40C, but closer to 60-65C max load.. btw max load was measured with prime95. I would imagine temps would only go higher with HT and Turbo both on.

So.. that comes down to about a 5-10C drop with HT off, and getting the additional Turbo performance boost. But how much of a performance boost is that going to yield? Well, I tested the difference a few times with the good old 3Dmark06 and got some notable results.

3.8ghz, HT on, Turbo off. - 23,500.
3.8ghz, HT off, Turbo on (4.0ghz). - 24,250.

Note that these scores are averages of 3 runs each, but the difference is about 750 points.

From what I understand.. most games hardly utilize 2 threads, much less 4 threads.. and 8 threads (4 physical/4 virtual) would be typically unheard of in gaming today. So in theory.. higher overclocks on 4 threads alone would be more effective than lower clocks on 8 threads. Additionally, there are lower temps on 4 threads alone vs 8 threads.

Question is.. What exactly will HT offer? I use Windows 7 and all, but I don't do much as far as video editing and etc. So if I'm primarily gaming, wouldn't it be reasonable to just keep HT off simply to maintain lower temps at load and maximize clock speeds?

btw.. I'm running an i7-920, hd 5870, 6gb dominator, noctua nh-u12p, evga x58 sli le, 750w corsair.
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  1. Nice OC ther man...

    You've answered your own question. only intensive programs like video converters and Hectic rendering programs actually use all the cores so if you are gaming the the turbo mode would be best. Fps gain wont be too huge with it enabled but it is your best bet (It would keep up minimum FPS though)

    Good Luck, Enjoy Maybe. ill get to beating you later on a MW2 Server Later.;)

    I would however suggest running a stress test with Prime 95 just to make sure everything stays stable @ 4GHZ
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