Would Watercooling be an Option for a Cramped Mobo?

So I've just built a new system as follows:

Intel i7 920
Gigabyte GA-EX58 Extreme
Gigabyte 3d Aurora Case
Coolermaster 850 Watt
2 x nVidia 9800GT (SLI)
6 Gig DDR3 RAM (1066)
2 x 1TB HDD (Seagate 7200.12)
LG BluRay Player
LG CD/DVD Multi Writer

So far so good.

Only problem is, I have another PCI card, a Hauppauge HVR 1300 TV Tuner card.

The slots on the board are:


The X1 and X4 are covered by the water "hybrid cooling" pipes, Im starting to think what a complete waste of space that was.

First X16 has one 9800GT, First PCI has nothing. Second X16 has another 9800GT, Second PCI has Hauppauge, third X16 has nothing.

Although the Hauppauge gets in, due to the proximity, it makes the second 9800GT overheat.

So Im down to a choice. Remove second 9800GT or remove Hauppauge. Don't fancy the second.

Just wondering at this stage whether water cooling the graphics cards would sort this situation out, or whether it would be possible.


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  1. Water cooling is always a good idea. Though you're not losing THAT much air flow water will greatly decrease your temps.
  2. It will work if you're up for it:

    Never had temps anywhere near this before:

    BTW - that's an HVR-2250 between the two GPUs...
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