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Hey guys.. I'm pondering the need for an additional case fan or 2.. and I'm curious if I will even benefits from it.. right now my temps are pretty solid considering my moderate overclock.. I'm at 3.8ghz (4.0 with Turbo on and HT off) on an i7-920, idling at 40C and 65C max load.

When I had my case open out on the table, I was seemingly averaged closer to 35C, now that I've got it all closed up and tucked into it's cubby I'm riding 40C. From the looks of it, the cubby is plenty big for my case, HAF 922, allowing 4" on the left, 1" on the right, and 6" on the top. Room temp in my house is typically 20C, I run the AC year round. I have excellent cable management.

I currently have the stock case fans.. 200mm front in, 200mm top out, 120mm rear out. I'm considering throwing a 200mm side intake, and even possibly rigging up another 120mm or smaller for an additional front intake fan behind the CD drive slots, I only use 1 drive anyways...

I have a Noctua NH-U12P SE2 cooling the CPU, and a Sapphire 5870 Vapor-X.. The GPU never even pushes 60C max load on any of my games anyways.. so that's fine to begin with.

So whatcha think guys? Would it be better to throw 2 120mm side fans or a single 200mm fan on the side intake? As far as price, its going to be about the same, 2x$10 or 1x$20.

Here's some links to the fans I've been looking over. - 200mm - 120mm

Mind you, I'm not overly concerned with LEDs, but for the price/cfm/sound.. those cooler master fans seem to be a pretty good buy. I don't have a fan controller, so all of my fans run 100%.

Ultimately, what sort of temps would I hope to see with adding some additional fans? In the world of overclocking.. I'm sure even a couple degrees would be worthwhile.
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  1. Considered exhaust fans on the "cubby" ? I'm thinking the case exhaust will heat up the cubby and your new fans will just recirculate the hot exhaust air back into the case.
  2. True, I guess I should have explain the "cubby" a little more.. there isn't a back wall in the cubby, so the case exhasut fans are free flowing out the back, and nearly 1 foot away from the wall.
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