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I'm overclocking a core i5-750 from stock 2.66 to 3.2Ghz, and I was wondering if I should leave turbo boost on or off (turbos to 3.3). I'm not having any temperature issues at the moment w/ turbo boost on (running prime95 small fft and not going over 60/61 C.

Also, @ 3.2Ghz OC, should I bother turning of EIST and C states?
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  1. You shouldn't have to mess w/ Turbo or HT (or anything else) unless you are OC'ing more than 40% (3.7 GHz) .... I'd also drop vCore down a bit....50C should be easily obtainable with a decent air cooler at your OC.
  2. So leave the power saving features alone? C states, EIST, etc?
  3. Yea C state and EIST are fine I use them at 3.6ghz. Turbo you might still be able to use, depends on your system. If you can, you might as well as it does increase performance. It won't, or shouldn't, help on Prime95 tests since those stress all 4 cores. Turbo is a function that will disable cores and then increase the multiplier to the one(s) still on. 60C is ok but it could be better. Depends on how you OCed it but your Vcore should be 1.15 to 1.17V. Since you must have increased the FSB you really just need a bit more VTT voltage, keep PLL stock. Turn the voltage down, test run Prime95 for at least 10 iterations. If nothing stops, reboot and turn down again... test... repeat until Prime95 stops a core, then go back up to the last voltage.

    Note: I'm not sure what the temps are on a stock cooler actually, 60C might be normal. However, I barely hit that at 3.6ghz but with an aftermarket cooler.
  4. a little off topic but what is the max vcore thats still in spec. is it 1.4v
  5. When you say run prime95 for 10 iterations, do you mean 10 tests @ 8k?
  6. Well, I usually use large fast fourier transform. 10 tests is OK for the "rough" test, however prime needs at least in the 4-24 hour range for a confident test. Could also use LinX (Linear equation pack, linpack) which only has to run in the 2 hour range, though that takes a bit more tweaking.
  7. Technically, "in spec" would be your VID, the default voltage reported in BIOS.
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