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Hi, I recently purchased a ReadyNAS Duo in hopes that I could have it connect wirelessly to my network and be able to share files. My house is divided into three different residences all covered by ATT UVerse and the router is upstairs. I don't want to physically connect my NAS to the router because I dont trust the conditions upstairs (children, pets, ect). Anyone find a way around this with a ReadyNAS, if not it will be returned so I'd also take recommendation on a good media serving NAS that does not need to be physically tethered to the router.
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    Tis a freeBSD based OS. You'll need an old PC with wireless card and stick some hard drives in it. Boot freenas from CD or USB or small hdd (not your main data hdds though). Total cost = the harddrives plus maybe wireless card. Will work on PC's of practically any age.
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