O.K. I Got my first AMD chip and I have some questions on overclocking

So last week I got myself my first AMD setup. Hers my setup.
AMD Phenom II Black Edition 965. Its the c3 version: 125 watts
Gigabyte 790XTA-UD4 revison 1.0
Thermaltake V1 CPU cooler (One of the questions that will be on my list)
OCZ Special ops DDR3 (1GBx2) Ram.
First question: How do you mount the aftermarket CPU cooler I got. I was using it on my Core2Quad sytem, but decided to give that to my brother and pute the cooler on my AMD sytem. The issue is my load temps exceded 60c but the stock cooler kept it at 56-58c. So what could I be doing wrong there?

For the overclocking matters, I did read the sticky. I would like to take it to 4 Ghz. now there are many sttings in an AMD bios that im not used to coming from a core2quad system. There is the HT frequencys, which if I change, the computer will not post.. ECT. I have it operating at 4 Ghz, but when it hits 55c, It BSOD's on me. settings are x20 for the multiplier and 1.45 volts vcore to get it to run 4 seconds of prime. And I don't think it should take 4.5 volts. So help on that would be great.

My last question is qhy the RAM only scored a 5.5 in windows 7. Which is quite sad for DDR3 since my core2 Quad sytem scored a 7.2 with 800 Mhz DDR2. Sorry for the questions, but im a noob in the AMD world. And you all are awesome. Thanks in advance for any answers posted.

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  1. Firstly
    You'll need the right set of mounting brackets for the V1. It'll have a back-plate and the retention on the front-side.
    Clean up the Processor surface so no old thermal-paste is left on it and do the same to the base of the V1.
    Get a new syringe of good thermal-paste apply enough to cover the surface of the proc when sandwiched between the V1 and the proc plate.
    Make sure while cleaning the V1, you also blow out all te dust inbetween the fins of the cooler.

    Don't worry about the windows 7 score, it's not very accurate and certainly no standard for the functions of the system. It's very very unreliable.
    First solve the temperature issues, then try to overclock, that way you'll know exactly why you're not being able to touch a stable oc.
    Also, while OCing, make jumps of very small values when it comes to current, and operating frequencies, also the multiplier should be set to minimum until you get a stable maximum from manipulating the other stuff, after you have reached a stable oc, then increase the multiplier really slowly.... that'll give you a much higher clock and also stable.
  2. im running my 940 at 1.45 at 3.7 so its not a super high volt but i would not push the voltage any higher if you plan on keeping it far a while at that setting your biggest issue is the heat do like alyoshka said and get both surfaces clean and add good termal paste to it and make sure its on snug. if its still not working might think about lapping but then again thats works best with both lapped so you dont want to lap your new cpu do to the fact you will void warrenty
  3. Well, I have the 965 c3 as you do.

    AMD uses a really EASY system for the heatsink. Its just a clip that hook on both sides (two sides only) of the CPU. Literally snap on/off. And on the one side, you press down to lock it in place.

    Uh, your ram probably scored low because you have 1gbx2 of Ddr3? So you have a total of 2gb?

    I get a 7.5 or 7.6 for my 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM.

    Did you clean the AMD chip with cleaner and then put a purifyer, then put the new thermal compound before applying the CPU cooler? did you use a thin layer of thermal compound on the CPU only?

    What are your temps? I have the same chip as you but with a Xigmatek Dark knight cooler.

    I idle at around 33C and 100% load I was around 44-45C
  4. Sorry, I havent been on in awhile. I actually found my old c2 chip revision, so I returned the c3 revision chip.

    And Alyoshka, I have followed that with my 140 watt chip and so far it seems I can take it from 3.4-3.6 Ghz. I have no clue whats wrong, its either me, or the processor with the overclocking issue.

    And zipzoomflyhigh, I have checked that thread multiple times. It helps, but i'm still having issues.

    Current setup!

    AMD Phenom
    II Black Edition 965. Its the c4 version: 140 watts
    Gigabyte 790XTA-UD4 revison 1.0
    Corsair Hydro Series H50
    OCZ Special ops DDR3 (1GBx2) Ram.

    It stays cool for the most part with that cooler. Now at stock voltage is this processor suposed to be at 4.25 volts?
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