Power requirement and case question

hey guys, i was wondering how much power i need if i get this configuration:
i7 920 (plan to overclock if that matters)
either: 2 gtx 295s OR 3 gtx280s
i was under impression ram and hard drive and all dont really matter....

also...anyone got an opinion on the coolermaster atc s 840 black pearl case? i like the look and all but wouldnt be surprised if it sucks (not too into all the wild looking cases with lights and stuff)
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  1. Im not an expert on wattage but Im guessing at least 1000w maybe 1200w for SLI of those cards.
  2. Here is a link to a power supply calculator:


    Just fill the blanks as much as possible to come up with an estimate for the total system. Please bear in mind that the result will be overestimated because there are a lot of cheap, low quality psu's of questionable reliability that people insist on buying. If the cpu is the brain of a pc, then the psu is the heart. No point in risking premature death due to heart failure.
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