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I have e\been encountering a problem these days while playing games . The game i am playing these days is COD5 and when ever i start the game i get boxes of diff colors while playing , its not on the whole screen but sumwhere and its very annoying . This same happens when i use to play FARCRY 2 few days back , when laFARCRy never use to give any problems before but after changing my OS it started giving probs. Plz help me with this , if u want i can post a screen shot also .

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  1. Try newer drivers, you also didn't list the vid card, specs, or display res.
  2. I have XFX 8800GTS 320mb extreme version , Resolution is 1440*900
    I hav latest drivers also. System is Amd 64X2 4200+ 2gm Ram , Asus M2N-E .
  3. Sounds like you're getting artifacts. Could be either a driver issue or problem with your memory. Try playing at a different resolution and see what happens.
  4. Fine , son i wil post a screen shot .
    i hav 2 gb Kingston DDR 2 rams 667mhz
  5. Ugh, give us some info. That's like me going to the doctor and telling him I hurt, and expecting a specific diagnosis.
  6. I'd go ahead and grab 4GB of RAM, it's less than $40 now. You'll se a bit of a performance increase going to DDR2 800, and even more increase going to 4GB (if running XP be sure to get SP3).
    $39 DDR2 800 2x2GB OCZ Fatal1ty
  7. I have 2gb Corsair Platinum coated gaming rams with me too. Given it to my friend . ANd i stay in India so ... i cant buy from Newegg . But i never faced such probs before and i have SP3 only updated , i think i changed my OS . may b dats d problem

    And i trie changing the resolution also , but same result .
    And this happens only when i play the game , nothing happens in menu or even loading videos
  8. try using rivatuner to turn up the fan speed a bit on the card.
  9. montyuk said:
    try using rivatuner to turn up the fan speed a bit on the card.

    Will dat help ??
  10. Well i played FIFA 09 and i never faced dat problem in this game . I faced them in Farcry 2 and COD . Plz help guys
  11. That doesn't look good, the pattern you're seeing leads me to believe it's the card's VRAM or related structure that is causing the problems.
    The image is similar to the artifacting you would get from overclocking memory too far.

    Not sure what to suggest. It could be a software problem (try other drivers, etc), but it's looking like a memory issue from the screenshot.
  12. try googling for a program called - gpu-z - install and run and on the sensors tab tick the box to run it in the background, with it open look at your normal idle temps, then play your game, when the artifacts show up - exit and check the temps for vram / memio (you can look at history by running your mouse along the red bars) and then report back.

    increasing the fan speed will increase air flow through your cards heat sink hopefully reducing temperatures and reducing errors caused by excess heat.
  13. thanks alot , i will try gpu z n get back to u ppl
    though the temperatures are near about 55 degrees Celsius

    After running the GPU-Z
    i played the game and those spots or artifacts come on the time the game actually starts . then i closed the game n checked the temperatures and there are not a very big change in temperature . I made a log file secs wise and its howed 1 degree change only.
  14. guys plz help ......... do u suggest ram changing ?
  15. No I suggest at this point change the card. Like I said it's likely a pretty serious issue, and to me it looks like damaged VRAM on the card, not system RAM.

    You can try other things, but that's what it looks like to me where when it's truly taxed some part of the VRAM subsytem is borked and not feeding the image to the output RAMDAC/TMDS.
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