Temperatures high after underclocking..?

so i oc'd my 955 to 3.6 ghz from 3.2, and it ran a little hotter and louder, so i underclocked to the stock speed. but it's still running at the same temperature and it's still just as loud (the fan).

anyone know what's going on?
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  1. yeah lower the voltage......
  2. i didn't even touch the voltage. i just increased the frequency in bios.
    EDIT: okay, i'm stupid. i guess the bios automatically adjusts voltage. mine's at 1.4v atm. stock is 1.35. thanks
  3. If you're going to leave it at stock speed, I'd underclock it a little, so it runs a bit cooler and quieter.
  4. what do you mean underclock at stock speed? you mean the voltage?
    well, i can't change the voltage at all on my msi mobo. it's a 890gxm-g65. can't even touch the voltage, they're all set to auto... any suggestions? should i just reset cmos?
  5. I mean undervolt sorry. Are you sure you can't change the voltage? Try selecting the vCore or MSI's CPU voltage equivalent option and change it. If you can, lower it to 1.3V, otherwise, I'd just reset the CMOS if it's too much of a problem.
  6. nope, it won't let me touch the voltage. only for the ram and some other stuff, but not the cpu. i ended up just resetting the cmos and it's currently at 1.025 according to cpu-z.
  7. That's pretty low. What are your load temps running now?
  8. the temps never go over 40 now, and run at around 31 idle. i think that was the voltage when it was at idle
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