Windows Install "Setup cannot access this disk"

Hi All,
Hope this is in the right place, its a new pc build but the problem relates to the hard drive. When Installing Windows XP it says "Setup cannot access this disk" along with "381552Mb Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi" if I then press enter, there is a BSOD with

Stop: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0xF7419CAD, 0xF6F8D7E4, ox00000000)

setupdd.sys - Address F7419CAD base at F73ED000, DateStamp 48025277

At first i assumed it was BIOS related I had missed but couldn't find anything, RAID is not selected, have tried with another hard drive as well, same problem.

The setup is
intel core i3 530
asus P7P55D-E LX
Corsair 2GB
Asus GeForce GTX 260
Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 400GB SATA
Samsung DVD RW

Hope this is enough info, if not just ask
any help is much appreciated.
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  1. Are you sure that it is reading the CD correctly?
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