I7 920 c0 Overclock Question

I have a small overclock on this chip, 21x172 = 3,6xxx. My Vcore is set to 1.164, with VDroop off so when its loaded the vcore goes to 1.2, my RAM is a tad underclocked its 1600 rating but not by much. My Idle temps is around 31c and Load is 49-52. Vreg is around 51, etc. Are those good temps for this CPU? First time overclocking the i7, I'm not using air cooling, but the Corsair H50 with a push/pull configuration on the radiator, seems to keep it cool enough. Not sure how it does compared to some higher end air coolers because this is the only one I have that fits an i7.

So if I want to go higher, what is the highest temp I should be getting, not the highest before destruction but the highest before I go out of safety, also whats the max Vcore past safe I should be looking for? System is stable ran Prime overnight, not a problem.

i7 920 c0
eVGA x58 SLI 3x
Kingston HyperX 1600 DDR3 Triple Channel
Corsair 650 Watt PSU
eVGA GTX 260
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  1. Very good temps, considering its a C0 stepping i7 920. With loads, you don't want to go above 75°C, below 70°C is recommended, below 60°C is ideal.
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