Concerned about my new hard drive [Samsung Spinpoint F3]


I just bought a HD 1T|SAMSUNG HD103SJ about a week ago.

I started backing up some data on it, and it makes a noise that worries me. It sounds like a click.

From reading various tech sites, I've known for a while that clicking is always a horrible sign of drive failure, but I'm not totally sure if that's what's happening, because it could just be the read/write head parking/unparking itself (which is normal), right?

It doesn't click over and over again. It's just as I start to read or write data on it, I hear it make the sound just once.

I downloaded the ESTOOL and ran the Drive Diagnostic function. Everything passed.

Also, I listened to every single hard drive sound file on Thankfully my drive doesn't sound like any of them.

In fact, after listening to all of those sounds, I decided to make a recording of my own. You can listen to it at this link
You'll hear the drive start to speed up for the first 7 seconds and then the click sound somewhere between 8-10 seconds

For those of you out there that own an F3, do you encounter this also? Is this normal?

Any suggestions? RMA?
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  1. Hmm... that does sound odd. I have only western digital, but none of them make a click that loud. It seems that somewhere I heard that it might be the drive re-calibrating itself, but I don't know for sure.
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    Return it! I have a F3 and it's pretty much silent. No clacking noise or anything. It's brand new so why take the chance of it dying on you prematurely?
  3. Good advice. If I am right about what I think it might be, it shouldn't have to do that so often.
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  5. Thanks for the quick replies :) I appreciate your input!
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