HD4870 BIOS help needed

im looking to change my graphics card BIOS, my card is a XpertVision Radeon HD4870 sonic dual edition 512mb.

I have already tryed flashing my BIOS with a new one, called Diamond HD 4870 XOC black edition, this did not work and i bricked my card, thankfully with some help ive put the original BIOS back on and its working fine now.

Im guessing that the Diamond BIOS didnt work because its for a different type of HD4870, So does anyone know of a XpertVision BIOS or even a Universal BIOS that works on all HD4870's?

Any help would be much appriciated

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  1. Try using the Radeon BIOS Editor.
    It will let you edit your original BIOS image and avoid any compatibility issues.
  2. oh thanks, ill give it a shot.

    ill let you know how i get on :D
  3. Best luck and remember to keep an unmodified BIOS image around in case you brick it again!
  4. yeah sure thing, i have one on my usb stick.

    lol already got an error with that prog. apperantly i havent connect one of the power connectors, i think its just a bug, obviously i have both 6 pins connected.
  5. is clock 3 the max it can go?
    its currently at 775/1000 (this seems odd to me because in CCC i can go to 790/1100)

    if i change it to 820/1100 will that be the new max?

    i r so confussed
  6. Not quite.

    What RBE shows is your stock clocks in several different states, idle, low power 3d and full speed.
    You can manually control the core and mem clocks and voltage for each state.
    When you change any of these values and flash the resulting BIOS onto your card, the new values will become the new default. You can set them as high as you desire, even beyond the CCC's overclocking lock.

    It would be a good idea, however, to lower your clocks and voltage a little for the idle settings to help save power.
    Low power 3d settings should not need to be modified, the third field being where you should focus your changes on.
    You can confirm your under/overclocks are taking effect using GPU-Z.
  7. you can modify it via rbe to be whatever you like (think its on the last tab)
    however as with all overclocking - keep an eye on your temps like a hawk.
  8. ok thanks guys great help =]
    my temps at 790/1100 on max load are about 60C fans at 50% so hopefully i have some overclocking head room.

    ill post some results when im done
  9. ok, so ive relised a problem im going to have with modding the orginal BIOS, with the orginal BIOS i cant increase the voltage any higher, and i have tryed before with rivatuner to get higher clocks (805/1100) and i got artifacts and throttling.
    so does anyone know of a BIOS that would work with my Xpertvision HD4870?

    thanks in advance
  10. Unfortunately, you can only increase the voltage through the BIOS so far.
    Any BIOS that gives higher voltage options is for a non reference 4870 and will not work with your card.
    If you want any additional juice running through your GPU you will have to Vmod it at your own risk.
    You can find the basic procedure Here and a thread about Vmoding the 4850/70 Here.
    Best luck and be careful trying this.
  11. damn it!, im not willing to Vmod my card, i worked to hard to get it and dont want to break it, im not brave enough it try it, il just have to stick with 790/1100 which isnt to shaby.
    thanks for your advice and help.

    i guess if i want better performance ill have to upgrade my GPU, might aswell wait till the larabee comes out, and also the gtx295 from nvidia, hopefully the price of the 4870x2 will go down when nvidia releases there new cards.
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