2 WC in 1 Case

hay guys :)

I need your help :D

well I want to buy new GPU and CPU which is gtx 480 and intel 980x ....

and I want to overclock them so..

I need 2 WC 1 for the GPU and 1 for the CPU :pt1cable:

My friends my question is... :

how the ((HELL)) can I put 2 WC in 1 Case ??!! I have seen many ppl have use 2 wc but if someone pls can link me a tutorial of videos or if someone can explian to me the way..

I would really be grateful :wahoo:

thank you for reading :hello:
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  1. At the top the READ FIRST sticky has many good links to other forums with active WC comunities. Good place to start.
  2. get a bigger case...read conumdrum's sticky
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