How can I determine my systems performance?

I'm planning to replace my computer, but I would like to gauge mine verus the replacement PC's.

Is there a device I can download to evaluate my PC?
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  1. 3d mark 05 or 06, for gaming, pc mark for non-gaming, only approximate, not linear, but will give an idea.
  2. like 13thmonkey said, Futuremark 3DMark06 has a free basic edition for gaming testing

    you can get OCCT, Prime95, HeavyLoad, or a sundry of other tools for testing CPU

    If you have AMD or Intel, I believe they both have stress-test tools out there.
  3. Some people use SuperPi 1.5, but it has its limitations. Depends on how accurate you want to be with your comparison.
  4. What are you current system specs and what do you want to upgrade to?
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