Athlon II X4 620 OC advice?

I have overclocked this processor to 3227.3 mhz at 1.488v at 1241.3 mhz HT Link.
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  1. So what do you need advice on?
  2. The voltage seems to be high for that clockspeed. The HT link should be kept close to 2ghz, as well as the NB. Increasing the NB yields a benefit in benchmarks and synthetic metrics. Increasing the HT does not, and it is generally acceptable to keep it near stock.

    I believe the 620 is 2.6ghz (13x CPU multiplyer). I would probably start with a 250FSB (3.25ghz on the CPU), x4.00 memory if it is 1066ddr2, x8 HT (or 1.6ghz if bios reads it that way) and x8 NB. I would bump the memory volts to match 1066 requirements, and probably put my first try for the CPU at around 1.425v in the bios. If it didn't boot, I would bump the CPU volts until it does.

    If this is stock HSF, I would probably even drop the cpu multi to x12.5 or x12, though many claim that the stock cooling is good to 3.5ghz, I am more cautious about heat. 1.488v has to be creating a lot of heat on the CPU if it is stock HSF. Though, the Athlon IIs do appear to run rather cool compared to the Phenom IIs I have primary experience with, probably due to the lack of L3 cache, so whatever you can tell us about your thermal situation might help get more advice.
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