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Hello all =)

Is an OEM Hard Drive the same as a Bare Drive HDD and does not come with any cables/screws etc..? and if I do buy an OEM hdd, what additional parts do I need to buy in order to install and get it to run?

If it is the same, is there any risk in shipping it since it wont come in fancy box? How do they package it?

Any help is greatly appreciated :D
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    The oem drives are packaged just fine, in anti-static plastic, in bubble-wrap. You will need screws to mount and a data cable to connect.
  2. I'm looking at getting Which screws and cables should I get for this drive from either or
  3. That is a good drive, I have 3. Here is a page of sata II cables.

    I'm not sure about the screws. This package looks like it might have the right ones in it, but I've always taken them out of old cases or new case kit for my own builds.
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    nThanks for the help :)
  5. You're welcome
    Thanks :)
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