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guyz, iam going to be buying a new grpahic card .i'll be gaming at 1024x786 with full aa and af. my budget is abt $100. i hv finalised these five cards. plzzz help me decide. thnx in advance.

p.s. i am from asia so newegg is out of question.
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  1. sorry i forgot to post the name of the cards and my specs
    radeon 4670
    radeon 3850
    radeon 3870
    nvidia 9600gt
    nivdia 9500gt

    specs: intel core 2 duo 2.66 ghz, 4gb ram and a 15" crt monitor
  2. i am going to be playing cod4, assassins creed, stranglehold, gta 4....i am not into too much of first person shooters.i mostly play third person, racing and sports games...pls help!!!
  3. No one benchmarks for that resolution so it really is impossible to tell which is best. I would save up for a better monitor before getting any of the new graphics cards, they will all do fine at that resolution anyways.
  4. I'm voting for the HD 4670. Second choice 9600GT.
  5. aevm said:
    I'm voting for the HD 4670. Second choice 9600GT.

    Why? Would he even see a difference?
  6. right now i'm broke and can't afford a monitor...if i had to game at 1024x768 and think abt playing all the upcoming titles (future proofing) which wud be better? i game on xp and vista
  7. njalterio said:
    Why? Would he even see a difference?

    At 1024x768? It depends. In Crysis, HD 4670 gets 60 fps and 9500GT 30 fps. That one you'd notice.

    In less demanding games, yeah, all 5 of those cards would do nicely.

    I totally agree with you he should get a new monitor ASAP, by the way.

    Why HD 4670 before 9600GT now - that was the more difficult choice. He mentioned racing games, and I remember reading that those tend to favor ATI cards. For example the HD 4870 1GB totally humiliates the GTX 260 Core 216 in GRID (, when in fact the GTX 260 Core 216 is just as good or even better that the HD 4870 1GB in lots of games.
  8. 9600gt is the fastest of the bunch i googled
    ati 4670 reviews
    4670 uses less power if thats a concern

    if your ordering on line newegg has the sapphire 4830 for 110.00
    i think is your best bang for the buck nice card i have one runs cool
    idles 30 something under load 50's
    can't go wrong with this card for the money o/c comes close to the 4850
    good for higher res when you upgrade your monitor
  9. Well it really is impossible to future proof in this case because as soon as you get a better monitor that opens up the door for pretty much any graphics card configuration (assuming you got a monitor that supports at least 1680 x 1050). So it doesn't really matter which card you get now because it would not be so great once you hit that resolution. I would just get whatever is cheapest and try to save for a better monitor.

    What graphics card are you using now? or integrated?
  10. i probably wud be getting a new monitor in abt a year. till then i want to play all the latest games that come out and when i get myself a new monitor i wud be gaming at higher resolutions. keeping all this mind pls help me decide and pls remember that i will be gaming with aa and af. thnx for all ur replies.
  11. +1

    1680x1050 is the sweet spot now, with 22" monitors selling best.

    What kind of PSU do you have? For example a HD 4830 will require a 450W PSU or better, and a 9600GT 425W, according to Sapphire and BFG respectively.
  12. i got a 400w psu
  13. According to ATI's site they recommend a 450 Watt power supply for the 3800 series.

    You may be able to get away with using your power supply depending on the brand.
  14. Also check to see if you have a 6 pin PCI-E connector from your power supply.
  15. HD4670 is probably the way to go, it does better than the HD3X00 series when it comes to AA performance plus it doesn't require extra power.
  16. +1 on the HD 4670 recommendation. 1GB may help with GTA4 if you can find one in your budget.
  17. Go with the 4670, and 512 MB is fine. You don't need a GB until you are way above that resolution.
  18. cjl said:
    Go with the 4670, and 512 MB is fine. You don't need a GB until you are way above that resolution.

    Have you read about the graphics buffer problems with GTA4 though? If he expects to play it at all 1GB is my recommendation (although I've read it's a CPU hog too, so a 3Ghz+ dual or quad core might be necessary). Overall, it sounds like a very poorly ported game (say that three times fast).
  19. With the cards you can play this games with max settings at 1024x786, but not the gta4 with a core 2 duo 2.66 ghz in fact you cannot play gta4 even at the lowest settings. So you need a quadcore for th gta4.
  20. Does GTA4 work better on a lower-clocked quad-core (Q6600) than a higher-clocked dual-core (E8500), for example? Just curious. So far only FSX does that, AFAIK, but I'm hoping more games will start doing it.
  21. Yes a quad-core 3GHz perform better than a dual-core 4GHz in gta4.
  22. Cool, thanks!
  23. my frnd plays gta 4 on his c2d with a 9500gt at all the max. settings at 1024x768...not kidding
  24. 9600gt vs 4670
    9600gt vs 3870
  25. Get the HD 4670, it's fantastic, and it's nearly guaranteed to run on any PSU.

    But DO NOT get the 1gb version, it uses slower DDR2 ram and the HD 4670 needs all the bandwidth it can get.
  26. here in my country people are incline towards nvidia. all my frnds hv got a nvidia. so i thnk i shud porbably go for a 9600gt. wat do u say.? is it gud?
  27. The 4670 will be a better choice in the year to come as you can easily sell this after you are ready to move on up the ladder (monitor and new card) due to the fact that it can basically be run on any pc that has 300 watt PSU.

    It has been shown to be within 5% of the 9600gt and dominates almost all games on the 3XXX series of cards

    factor in that it sells regularly @ $80.00 (can be found with free shipping also) versus the $100.00 for the 9800 gt
    (add this towards the monitor purchase for later)
  28. Dekasav said:
    Get the HD 4670, it's fantastic, and it's nearly guaranteed to run on any PSU.

    But DO NOT get the 1gb version, it uses slower DDR2 ram and the HD 4670 needs all the bandwidth it can get.

    First part, could not agree more.
    Second part, not true.
    HD 4670 1GB DDR3
    6 currently available on Newegg.
  29. Yeah, but those are expensive enough that you might as well get this instead:
  30. $110 > $90, and the 4830 uses much more power and requires a 6-pin, I wouldn't trust it with just any 400W PSU (as stated by the OP).
  31. Thanks for that info, Kyle. I guess I hadn't looked recently and figured they were as they were at launch. I'll have to remember that.
  32. Ahh - I missed the 400W part. The 4670 is definitely the way to go then.
  33. some people say that 4670 is that true or is it the other way round?
    do ati cards give better frmaes than nvidia (a myth i suppose)?
    plzzz clear the air and thnx once again to all of u for showing so much interest in my thread.appreciate it...
  34. suppose if i had a 500w psu then which shud i go
    is it true that ati cards give more fps than their nvidia counter parts?
    thnx once again for bearing with my silly questions.
  35. Some ATI cards give more frames than some Nvidia. However, some other Nvidia cards give more frames than some ATI. It all depends on the specific card. That having been said, the 4670 is a great choice for a low power, reasonably high performance card. IIRC, it basically matches the HD3850, but at a significant reduction in power and price.
  36. This should help look at the benchmarks as they include most of the cards you mentioned and there are a lot of differant games used.
  37. last question with which i want to sum up the thread
    9600gt vs terms of future proofing
  38. 9600GT or 4670 imo. that resolution really is crap, but if you must... seems stupid to run 16X AA on such a tiny screen though
  39. as i told u i dont hv any more money to buy a new monitor.plzz help me choose between 3870 vs 9600gt....thnx

    i am really poor
  40. As we dont really have an idea of your price point ie what the parts cost where you are or what you have available then we can only make suggestions rather than pointing you at your best bet.
    Your Power supply will limit you in terms of what Graphics card you can buy. If it was a really good one and i mean top of the range then it may have an outside chance of running a 4830, which from your future proofing side of things would be the best bet.
    I expect its not that good though personally i would stick with either the 9600GT, which i honestly dont know if it needs more power than you have or not. Or the 4670 which you definitely have enough power to run.

  41. i got exactly $100

    i am from new egg is out of question

    sorry if i am irritating all of u
  42. Between HD 3870 and 9600GT, just buy whatever is cheaper where you live. They trade blows.

    nVidia wins in Company of Heroes:

    ATI wins in Supreme Commander, World In Conflict, Prey and FEAR

    In Crysis, at low resolutions, ATI wins on XP (DX9) and nVidia wins on Vista (DX10):

    In all cases the differences are negligible and in fact the other card may start winning once you upgrade the monitor.
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