Phenom II x4 B50 with 2 cores what?(unlocked from x2)

So I unlocked my Phenom II x2 550 in my bios but windows 7 still thinks its got 2 cores even after i checked MSconfig > system configuration > BOOT, the drop down menu doesnt show the option to use all 4 cores,CPU-Z and Speccy doesnt show that i have 4 cores either but i turned on unlocking mode and ACC in my bios along with enabling all 4 cores... and even worse core temp doesnt show the temparture. so heres some screen shots of Speccy,Core temp, and CPU-Z

thanks, roman
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  1. Quote:
    There is a high chance that your CPU is lucky enough and only has 2 functional cores.

    ugh... i guess i will try 3 cores instead... hopefully i can get atleast 3 :( oh well the new Phenom II x6's are only $200 so i will buy that if i want a better CPU
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