ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series VPU Recover HELP ME!

Heys all, I am being tormented badly by my graphics card, I hope a kind soul can help me out! :sweat:

Okay, here's what happen to my comp. When I play my computer games, the screen will just hang all of the sudden, then the next moment, total blackout! My monitor is no longer receiving feed from my cpu, and all I could do is to restart the computer. It has happened many times.

I checked back with my pc manufacturer and tried many ways to fix this problem. And the problem haunting me all these while is: "VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it can no longer follow the graphic commands."

I have combed through several forums and experimented many attempts. I have tried downgrading my resolution, from 1440x900, all the way to a 800x600. I have tried to close ALL my programs, including my safety protection programs and auxillary programs, leaving only a bare minimum number of programmes needed to run my computer. I have tried to disable VPU Recover from the ATI Catalyst Control Center. I have even attempted to uninstalled the whole ATI CCC. However, none of these attempts yield results.

Whenever I shut off VPU Recover, the result I get when i enter the games is that the game will no longer respond, I am sent back to Windows, but in safe mode, and the message appears that dxdiag has crashed and can no longer function anymore.

My specs for my computer are:

Intel core Quad2.85Ghz
Gigabyte Ultra Durable 3 Motherboard, UP45-UD3
ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series

Some say it could be due to my graphics card overheating, but when I checked back with ATI CCC, it appears that overclocking is not enabled. I do not know much about this field.

Can anyone help me?? I am so mortified that I feel super duper crestfallen when I looked at my newly bought pc, yet it is fraught with problems. Please save my soul!!
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  1. what is your power supply
  2. What 4800 card do you have? 4850, 4870? Also, is the card factory overclocked? I get the same message sometimes from my Powercolor 4870 1gb card. But my card is overclocked from the factory at 800MHz and 925MHz...on the new Powercolor cards they reduced the clocks to 750MHz and 900MHz to solve this issue.
  3. to alvine, my power supply is 620W, 24pin + 8 pin true power supply unit.

    to japps, my card is powercolor 4850 512mb DDR3. the last time i checked using ATI Catalyst Control Center, i did not enable overclocking for my graphic card; the box was not ticked. Is this the right way to check if my graphic card is overclocking?
  4. you can enable overclock panel and underclock the card by 50 Mhz...then see if that cures the problem.
  5. What do you mean by underclokcing the card by 50mhz and where exactly can this be done?
  6. He, had the same problem for a long time had read something about updating the
    chipset PCI Express drivers.

    So i dl intel® Chipset Device Software installer, INF_allOS_9.1.1.1020_PV.exe

    and the problem was gone.

    Proseccor : Intel core duo E8400
    Motherboard : asus P5k se
    Video: Ati radeon HD 4800
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