Heat at max is 63-64c

When I'm just surfing the net, I get about Low31-High38c and when I run Prime95 Blend Test the Temp goes up to 63-64c is that a little to high? I ran Prime95 for only 2 minutes, with the side of I get about 60-61

Amd Phenom ii x4 955 black edition
Core speed 800MHz x 4
Core Volt at 1.023

Stock Everything accept one additional fan in the front.

Memory if needed.
DDR3 2gigsx2
DRAM Freq 800 MHz
FSB : DRAM 1:4 Volt1.66

Help if this isn't good.
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  1. anything over 60 c is not good best thing for u to do is to get an out of market heatsink fan there is some nice ones for around 50 to 60 bucks
  2. K I found out that changing the ram back to auto and the volt to 1.6 it seemed to drop the temp by 5c now I'm at 58c max, but anyone could help make the FSB : DRAM to 1:1 unless I shouldn't. Which ever is better.
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    I've never seen a 955 or 965 NOT get to mid 60's. That's pretty much their normal temp on the stock HSF when their running P95. 60C is fine - it's 70C you don't want to hit. The 955/965BE's have a great little HSF and you'll find that bumping up the multiplier 1-1.5 will have the tempat exactly the same place. Again, I wouldn't worry about mid 60s on teh PIIs. Now, if you want to bring it down, invest in a Hyper 212+ for $35 and watch it drop to mid 40's at full load. The machine I have here that I'm in the process of selling is a 965BE oc'd to 3.7GHz with a 212+ and it doesn't exceed 48C at full load.
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  5. K thx. The only reason I was worrying because a lot of people say that the 955 BE max is 61 which frightened me.
  6. I can't tell you how many people I've seen freaking out at PII temps in the 60s. I have no idea where they get their info, but IIRC the max temp on the Athlon X2's up to the PII's has always been about 75C. I've built probably 20 Athlon IIs, Phenom II X2's unlocked, and PII X4s - EVERY ONE OF THEM ran in the low to mid 60s with the stock HSF when under 100% load, regardless of whether they were unlocked, overclocked, undervolting (which, honestly, does bring it down to high 50s) or whatever. Heck, the i7 920 on the stock HSF runs at 70C when under P95. I have an Arctic Cooling FP7 on it (which, I think, isn't that great) overclocked to 3.66GHz and it's still at 71-72C under full load. Based on the 200-250 PCs I've built over the past 6-7 years, I'd say 70C under full load for ANY Intel/AMD processor is about normal with the stock HSF. And, I've yet to see any of those 200-250 processors fail. I build PCs as a hobby and sell them to friends, family, local businesses and on eBay whenever I'm bored and I've never heard from any of them that their PC broke for any reason.
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