Need help overclocking E7200 with P5Q deluxe

Hi, I'm in need for some help overclocking my E7200 processor.
My FSB is currently set to 400Mhz with the CPU multiplier being 9.5, resulting in a 3.8Ghz clock speed. DRAM is set to 800Mhz with the timings 4-4-4-12 and voltage 2.1, these values are according to the manufacturer's specifications and all other settings are set to AUTO.
My vCore is set to 1.33215V in the bios with CPU-Z reading 1.304~1.312V. I've been trying to get a very stable system but the computer will genereate an error after only 1 hour of prime95. Should I just increase the vCore until I get stable results? Or are there other parameters I could adjust in CMOS that will yield me a stable system without having to increase the vCore?
I would really like to not mess with the vCore anymore as I am already getting temp readings over 65 degrees under load (measured with real temp with 95 degrees as Tjmax). The temp would easily go over 70 degrees when I move into the hotter dorm rooms.

I need some advice guys~ :bounce:
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  1. You might have hit the frequency wall with your CPU.

    Try 9 X 400 and get an aftermarket cooler.
  2. I am using Xigmatek HDT-1283 with MX-2 thermal compound. I backed my clock speed to 3.6Ghz(9x400) and my vCore to 1.275V. Prime95 is running stable for more than 8hours now, thank you.

    By the way, I've been trying to get my motherboard temp readings(NB/SB etc.) and voltages without success. Can you suggest any software for doing this? I've tried Everest Ultimate so far. I think I could get my speed a little higher if I start manually setting the motherboard voltages. Also, I'm sorry I'm being a noob here but where can I find the max VTT/vNB/vSB voltages? I took a look at intel's datasheet but I'm having a hard time interpreting it.
  3. What Mobo Are you using? im running my E7600 @ a 333Mhz FSB. I doubt an e7200 Cauld get Up to a 1600Mhz FSB

    Good luck!:D Wolfdales rule
  4. Oh sorry your board was mentioned in your Post. Its then Your CPU's FSB wall. just set it to 333MHZ FSB and fiddle with the multiplier
  5. Ok, I did some fiddling around with the multiplier/FSB/MB voltages and all that and finally have come to the conclusion that I have hit my hardware's reasonable limits. I'm sure I could go further with some more tweaking but I'm done for the moment. Thank you for your help guys!
  6. Don't Mention it

    Happy Gaming:D
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