Nvidia 6800 Linux Tweaking

I dont know if anyone can help?

I have a Linux machine running a nvidia 6800 card, was wondering if there was anyway of tweaking the drivers fr more performance, and simple tools around?
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  1. Which linux distro are you using?
    I ran the 6800 on fedora, ubuntu and mandrivia with no issues.
    With all but the ubuntu system I would suggest downloading the driver directly from NVidia. There is a control panel with ubuntu restricted drivers as well with the NVidia drivers.
    What is it that you want to tweak?
  2. Im running ubuntu, Well there is an issue with the main top bar of any program running and it looses this, then appears back 2 mins later.

    Tried 3 drivers and all 3 do the same.

    Maybe just a little bug with linux.
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