computer freezes up while playing games

hi guys
i am having some trouble with my comp. when playing games it randomly freezes up on me sometimes it resets itself sometimes i have to manually reset. when these reset happened the cpu was at about 45-48 and the gpu was about the same (had the fans turned to 100%). i have run memtest over night and it reported no errors. i have run prime95 over night (3 night in total one for each kind of test) and it has reported no problem. so i have kind of hit a brick wall here.

i am guessing at this point its either a bad graphics card or a bad power supply(maybe the psu does not like the graphics card pulling in extra juice when its under load)

anyone else have any suggestions??

cpu = Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300
mb = GIGABYTE GA-X48-DS4 LGA 775 Intel X48 ATX Intel Motherboard
gpu = EVGA 01G-P3-N892-AR GeForce 9800 GX2 Superclocked 1GB
psu = CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W ATX12V / EPS12V
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  1. I had this problem before. But it was due to overheating of the cpu. The problem got fixed when i changed my stock intel cooler to thermalright ultra 90.
  2. Your symptoms - runs OK normally excepts crashes during games - seems to point toward inadequate power, except you have a better than average PSU.

    If you have ruled out temperature, I would guess either a partially bad PSU or video card.
  3. Your graphics card imo. The gx2 gets HOT and/or the video memory isn't sufficient causing problems. 256x2 does not = 512. It still has a 256b it memory interface. You may try pulling the side off so more air gets on you components....... you may even want to try and under clock the card a little to see if that helps. Try lowering the settings so the card doesn't work so hard.

    The power supply is decent but I read some of the reviews. Has a lot of low scores for some reason.
  4. Back down anything that is overclocked, especially the video card (even though the factory did it).
  5. I'm not sure if i believe that particular gpu was running only between 45-50 degrees cel. That thing is known to be a electric heater when being cranked on. Update your drivers and software that is monitoring your card. Something you might want to do is while your playing games feel if your card is really blowing out some massive heat. If it is the probe might be messed up and its causing your fans not to spin up correctly at higher temps. Make sure your fans are running on the graphics card and that they are at 100%. Make sure all your components are securly plugged in. See if any of these steps help.

    If all these steps turn up not being the cause, i'd then say its an actuall hardware failure. Either the PSU or the Vid card.
  6. as i said the fan was at 100%(i set it to that myself) and it was only running wow
  7. also i do nothing is overclocked. everything is running to declared spec
  8. underclock it jesus!!
  9. I have had these symptoms on a few computers as well as some friends. Make sure that the video card isn't getting too hot. My experience is that the video will dye out the computer will keep running and the heatsink on the GPU would be supper hot. I almost never trust software temp readers as I have never seen them accurate.

    The only way i figured out that my video card was overheating was when it happened briefly touching various stuff inside my case until I came to the heatsink on the GPU. Easiest way to find something that is too hot, just have to make sure that your don't burn yourself.

  10. Ya, I agree with riggs. I mean I really think its a heatting issue. One thing to add to riggs' post is make sure to ground yourself when just touching around inside your case. Don't want to add to the problem by shocking something.

    Good Luck with the fix
  11. Check your graphics card the fan might not be running thats what mines was doing and because the fan kept falling out it wasnt running so the game froze.
  12. i did try touching things in order to see what was hot and everything seemed fine. although the graphics card is in a hard plastic casing so it might not get as hot(the casing that is). i got a hold of a friends old graphics card and i will see what the story is with that
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