Delayed Write Failed" when transferring files

Just built a new system and have been getting "Delayed Write Failed" when transferring files over USB either a flash drive or external hard drive. Only happens over USB.

So far I have tried:

Reformat and reinstall XP (twice) SP3
Set LargeSystemCache to 0 in registry and SystemPages to ffffffff
Disabled Write caching on all HDDs
Lowered UDMA to 4 for all HDDs in BIOS
Set Memory Usage to Programs
Installed most recent chipset drivers

and basically tried everything from these threads:

MSI 880GM-E41
Athlon II X4 640
1x4GB DDR3
Win XP Home 32bit
2 x 500gb SATA HDs

Any assistance appreciated
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  1. Could it be possible the the USB controller has been damaged? You seem savvy and have tried quite a few things, physical failure sucks but it happens.

    What happens when you boot using a linux live cd? - If it fails it is more than likely a hardware issue.
  2. I actually dual booted Ubuntu after XP, got an input-output error when transferring files. Only largish files though, anything over ~100mb and the problem pops up. My USB mouse, keyboard, printer all work fine as does the memory card reader installed in floppy bay.
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