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I have had a gateway tablet PC taken apart for a while now. I needed to replace the wireless card and also a fan that went dead. I have been looking for a few months, but I can't find any information on these internal network cards. I was hoping to be able to upgrade to a wireless N card but I don't know if the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network connection is specifically linked to my board or if there are compatible upgrades. Any information would be greatly appreciated as to whether this is possible or not and if so where to find the compatible upgrades. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I think your network function is probably on a mini-PCI connector card of some type (perhaps roughly 1x2 inches in size?). That seems to be a notebook standard. For example, I know that people have swapped out the wifi cards on their MSI Wind netbooks to get ones that use chipsets supported natively by Ubuntu. Check out ebay as a source of replacement cards/modules.
  2. Thanks a lot, you are right with the card size. It is a little over 1 x 2 in. The connectors on my card are on the right (if the short side is up/down) and most that I am seeing are on the bottom. I will have to look more into the mini pci card, hopefully I can find a wireless N version. Thanks again.

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