ATI CCC won't overclock my chip

I'm using an ATI Radeon HD4850X2, crossfire on single card.

CCC installed, doing ATI Overdrive.

I test clocks - 600 MHz core, 975MHz memory. It passes, I click Accept, and the clocks go back to the 500MHz/750MHz defaults.

Anyone know how to fix this? :ouch:
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  1. Im sure the chip is overclocked its just going into idle to save power
    or u did't hit apply on the bottom
  2. It is the GPU's Power save function... don't worry about it just make sure to hit apply
  3. Download GPU-Z and see what it says the target clocks are.

    Set GPU-Z to refresh (update) while in background, then open up a 3-D app. Then when you exit the app, check in the GPU-Z Sensor section. Put the mouse over the little graph for core clock (in an area when it was at the high 3-D clock) and see if that matches what your overclock is set to.
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