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My Mom asked me to set up the network in her primary care office. There are 15 computers, all of which need access to a medical records server. 13 of these computers will NOT have access to the internet, 2 will. These 2 computers will also need access to the server that is not on the internet.

How can I make this happen?

-I was thinking using a wireless router, and adding a wireless card to the 2 computers that will use the internet.

-Maybe setting up the router to block internet access to the 13 computers?

-getting a switch and setting up 2 vlans?

I'm lost at this point. I'm pretty sure the server needs to be off the internet per HIPAA? Do you guys have suggestions?
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  1. Doh, didn't mean to make this a Poll.
  2. Install a server, connect the server to the router and a swicht to the router. From the router use the MAC address to block the internet explorer to the 13 computer that don't need.

  3. sever ------>router------->switch--------> ur pc's
  4. You could also set up a typical network and instead of using a router to govern Internet access, you could set Group Policies to restrict Internet access on certain workstations for user accounts, but leave the Administrator account active on the Internet for every computer so that you can easily perform Windows Updates, program downloads and such.
  5. One thing I did to accomplish this one time, was set up the internet enabled PCs with static IPs, and include the gateway info. For the others, set them up as DHCP but do not include a gateway address.
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